Sornaga / Gress Tiles

Specifications of Sornaga / Gress Tiles That are resistant to acids, friction and loads

  • High load resistance with abearing force of 40 N/mm2

  • High mechanical Resistance to abrasion and friction

  • High resistance to acids and chemicals

  • The impermeability of Water - as the water absorption reaches less than 1% of the Weight of slab

  • Anti-Slip

  • High degree of Heat resistance

  • lts resistance to various weather factors and its ability to bear and absorb heat in addition to ease of installation

  • Gress tiles are used in laboraties and kitchens, for its high ability to resist acid, chemicals and heat

  • It is also used in rooftop, restursnts Hotels and Gumnasium for its high endurance and resistance to ground, erosion and slipping.

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