Smart Home Waste Water Pipes


EGIC’s Smart Home PVC-U drainage solution is one of the most comprehensive drainage system in the market with full range from 32mm to 160mm. Smart Home pipes and fittings are made of Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, mainly used for non-pressure bilge lines. It has a light weight to prevent damages during handling and installation, withstand high temperatures and has high chemical resistance. All parts assemble easily using cement solvent to accommodate thermal or ground movement.

Pipes and Fitting are manufactured according to ES1717, ISO 4435, DIN19534, DIN EN1401, DIN EN1329, DIN 80618062, ISO 3633, ASTM D3311 and ASTM D2665 Standards to ensure reliability and long-lasting service.

EGIC has also developed the PVC multi-layer pipes that obscure sound and managed to manufacture outdoor solutions that have a high flowrate, such as inspection chambers, water channels and gully traps with easy access for cleaning and maintenance that may be used if unexpected blockage occurs.

Area of application:

Wastewater pipe lines inside/outside constructions

Main drainage lines, air-conditioning units

Disposal of irrigation/rainwater and wastewater

Features of Smart Home – PVC Drainage System are:

Long-term durability to survive in high temperatures 60°C

Complete drainage solution includes all pipes, fittings, floor drains, gully traps, water channels and inspection chambers.

Fittings may include a wide inspection door to facilitate the maintenance process if needed.

Smooth surface that assures low friction loss and high flow

Light weight, easy to transport, handle and install.  

Longest installing distance of pipes in fittings, reduces the number of joints and fewer the opportunities of leakage