List of products by brand Ceramica Verdi

Ceramica VERDI is currently one of the leaders of the ceramic tile industry in the Middle East. As well as upholding its very high reputation in the local market, VERDI is on the verge of being globally reputed too. VERDI’s mission is to produce highly unique, extremely innovative, top quality product to ensure customer satisfaction.
Elegance, sophistication and beauty are just some characters of the ceramic tiles produced at VERDI. Ceramica VERDI makes sure luxury of the highest caliber is present within its extensive selection of decorative tiles. Our collection encompasses styles to please every aesthetic and to compliment every interior design. Whether for commercial or residential use, VERDI ensures that we can find a tile that is perfect for you.
The finest of raw materials, glazes, inks and color stains are at use in the Ceramica VERDI factory. All sizes of floor and wall tiles are available at VERDI, to ensure we meet all your desires.