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Wall-Hung Bassins

Basin is the main feature in any bathroom and they come in different shapes, sizes and colors to match the bathroom colors and tiles. At Elmashreqy you will get a huge variety of basins of the highest quality at affordable prices throughout Egypt.
Elmashreqy major basin brands include Ideal Standards, Duravit and Serreguemines and Roka and Micavit. The basins are available in a wide range of colors that include white, pergamon. If you have a luxurious bathroom or a simple one, we have every type of basin to support your bathroom design.
The graceful and elegant designs of basins add an extra element of beauty in the restroom. Elmashreqy always provides its customers with the best quality products to ensure that the products you buy from us are durable and have a long life. If you are constructing your bathroom or simply renovating it then browse through our catalogue and check out the products that suit your needs.

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